Main Features

  • Our USP is "Literally" Ultra Premium Advertising along with an Opportunity to Earn CashBack
  • We are a unique combination of an Ultra Premium PTC / Lead Capture / Social Media Promotion site, where advertisers purchase High Octane Advertising to promote their businesses, which also rewards its advertisers in the form of CashBack when they view others' Advertisements
  • All Advertisements are viewed only by Paid Members (i.e., only those who themselves have purchased Advertising at UltraPremiumAds), which ensures High Quality exposure to your Advertising since all viewers have proven purchasing capacity
  • Once a member's Advertisement is approved, then he can also view others' advertisements / complete AdTasks and earn CashBack aggregating upto 125% of all their purchases!!!
  • It is STRICTLY NOT a Revenue Share and earnings are NOT GUARANTEED! PLEASE NOTE that availability of AdTasks will STRICTLY be dependent on purchases by Advertisers just like in any other PTC!
  • No subscriptions, No Matrix, Nothing....Just ONE TIME purchase for your genuine advertising needs!
  • Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) & BitcoinCash (BCHABC) Accepted. All Deposits and Withdrawals in USD
  • 20% from each AdTask Pack purchase is used for paying Referral Commissions in "One of the Most Powerful & Exciting" Referral Plans (Explained Below in Detail)

Advertising & CashBack

  • Each Advertising Task (AdTask) Pack costs US $25 Only
  • On Purchase of each AdTask Pack, Advertisers get AdTask Credits
  • As an Advertiser, you can use these AdTask Credits to promote your businesses
  • You can use these AdTask Credits to set up AdTask Campaign for premium exposure like Website Views, Website Surveys, Guaranteed International SignUps, Guaranteed Banner Click-Throughs, Guaranteed Text Ad Click-Throughs, Guaranteed Solo Ad Click-Throughs, Premium Splash Page Views, Premium Lead Capture Page Views etc.
  • Once your AdTask Campaign i.e., the AdTask set up by you is approved, other Members (i.e. Advertisers) may view / complete those AdTasks
  • Similarly, you can also complete others' AdTasks and earn CashBack
  • By completing AdTasks placed by others, one can earn CashBack upto a maximum of 10% every week totaling upto 125% of the value of AdTask Packs purchased
  • Apart from earning CashBack, a member can also earn over and above this by referring others and also from Matching AdTask income
  • In order to ensure quality of advertising, system would allow you to complete other Advertisers' AdTasks only and not of your own
  • 5% Matching to Sponsor and 5% Matching to Admin (to cover costs) on all AdTasks completed and member will get 90% net of the value of the AdTasks completed
  • CashBack Earnings are STRICTLY "NOT GUARANTEED" and are subject to purchase of AdTask Credits by other Advertisers and completion of same by respective members!

Payplan - Upfront Commissions on Purchases and Repurchases

We have designed One of the Most Powerful and Exciting Payplans for those who refer others. Funds received from each AdTask Pack Purchased are distributed as under

Amount Is Allocated Towards AdTask Credits
To Be Distributed To Direct Sponsor (Only Level 1)
As Network Promoter (NP) Commission - 2% Each To NP1, NP2, NP3, NP4 And NP5
As Matching NP Commission - 50% Matching (1% at each level i.e., 5% total) Matching on all NP Commissions to Direct Sponsors of such NPs. To be able to earn Matching NP commission, one has to be atleast at NP1 Level

How Network Promoter Commission Works


The Network Promoters Income can be huge and you can earn up to 10% bonuses in respect of all purchases made by your global organisation i.e., your entire downlines unlimited depth. You can earn upto 2% if you are NP1, 4% if you are NP2 and 6% if you are NP3, 8% if you are NP4 and 10% if you are NP5. These are overriding bonuses and therefore you basically earn 2% overriding commission for each Network Promoter Level. In other words, you earn 2% each for NP1, NP2, NP3, NP4 and NP5 Levels.

For example, suppose you reach NP3 Level, then you will earn NP Commission (this is over and above direct referral commission of 5%) as below :

  • From your direct referrals - 2% for NP1, 2% for NP2 and 2% for NP3 so Total 6%
  • From your 2nd level downline (supposing your direct referral is at NP1 Level) - In that case, your direct referral will earn 2% for NP1 and you will get 4% (i.e., 2% each for NP2 and NP3)
  • In the same case mentioned above, if the direct referral was at NP2 level, then the direct referral would have got 4% (i.e., 2% each for NP1 and NP2) and you would have earned only NP3 Commission of 2%

In another example, suppose you reach NP3 Level, and your direct referral is NP5, then you will not earn any NP Commission from any purchases made by your referral's referral. This is because your referral (being NP5 himself), will get all the NP1 - NP5 commissions. So, he will get 5% direct referral commission plus 10% NP Commission (2% each for all 5 NP levels). Though you will still earn 5% Matching Commission (1% each on all NP Levels).

NP Qualification


NP1 Qualification

Purchase of 10 atleast AdTask Packs

NP2 Qualification

Atleast 2 Direct Referrals having qualified as NP1 or Purchase of atleast 50 AdTask Packs

NP3 Qualification

Atleast 2 Direct Referrals having qualified as NP2 or Purchase of atleast 100 AdTask Packs

NP4 Qualification

Atleast 2 Direct Referrals having qualified as NP3 or Purchase of atleast 200 AdTask Packs

NP5 Qualification

Atleast 2 Direct Referrals having qualified as NP4 or Purchase of atleast 300 AdTask Packs

Step Up Repurchase Rule


Repurchase Rule is applicable only after a member earns and withdraws 125% of total deposit (irrespective of how he earned it, whether by completing AdTasks or by referring other members etc)

Repurchase Rule

Upto 125%
Above 125 & Upto 250%
Above 250%

Whenever a member will request a withdrawal from Cash Wallet, the above rule will apply and the repurchase % will go to Purchase Wallet and balance will go to the Payment Processor


There will be Total 3 Wallets

Purchase Wallet (Can be used for purchasing AdTask Packs)

AdTask Credits Wallet (Can be used for setting up AdTasks)

Cash Wallet (Where all earnings will come and can be used for placing withdrawals or transferring to Purchase Wallet)

This is how the Wallets will work

  • All Deposits will go directly in Purchase Wallet
  • Member will purchase AdTask Packs using this balance
  • Upon purchasing AdTask Packs, 20% will get deducted in Commissions etc and balance 80% will go in AdTask Credits Wallet
  • Member will use the funds in AdTask Credits Wallet for setting up AdTasks
  • All earnings will be given in Cash Wallet only and only these earnings can be used to withdraw or to transfer to Purchase Wallet for purchasing AdTasks
  • Funds from Cash Wallet can be transferred to Purchase wallet but not vice versa
Admin Fee

There is no Deposit or Withdrawal Fee charged by Admin. We only charge 5% Matching Fee on CashBack earned by members in order to cover the Payment Processor charges and various other expenses.